FRK-Chess -Pure HTML5/Canvas- Multiplayer chess in the browser, no accounts needed.

Subterranean Extermination -Pure HTML5/Web-GL- Kind of plays like a twisted version of Dig-Dug. Use your controller to play! (or mouse and keyboard if you're boring). Created in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 29 Summary Page

Pale Brown Dot -Pure HTML5/Web-GL- a pretty minimal platformer with some puzzly elements. Created in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 26, probably my most successful yet. Summary Page

Plugged In -Pure HTML5/Web-GL- My first attempt at a "level-based" puzzle game, created in 48 hours for a game programming challenge. This version contains bug fixes and a little bit of polish updated after the event. Here is the original. I learned a lot about puzzle games and design in general during this event, and I'm fairly happy with how it turned out.

Lost in a Snowy Land -Pure HTML5/Canvas- A round-based survival game. Find resources, and survive the snowy landscape. Orignal version created in 48 hours for Ludum Dare #28 Original Version

Yet Another Browser Based Kingdom Building Game -Pure Web- title pretty much says it.

T.R.E.E. -Pure HTML5/Web-GL- A weird mix of tank-combat, resource gathering, and exploration with (what was supposed to be) a complex skill tree. Everything (graphics, music, code) was made in 48-hours for the 24th Ludum Dare Game competition.

Solar Winds -Java- A side-scrolling shooter game with some simplistic crafting elements.

A board game idea -Java Applet- idea by George Shirk, prototype programming by Kyle Messner

Z-Square -Pure HTML5/Canvas- A version of "a board game idea", this time multiplayer and using pure-web technologies.


TP-Expenses -Pure HTML5/AngularJS (MongoDB+NodeJS back-end)- A tool to save, track, filter, and summarize weekly expenses

Scholarly Stuff

adjacency matrix -Java Applet- generates adjacency matrices of graphs and runs a "scorpion algorithm"

Text Generation -Java JNLP- Generates text by loading in a large text document (the bigger the better) and choosing a word to use as a seed. The generated text is then similar to the text of the book. Highlight the text in the pane and then Ctrl+C to copy it and paste it somewhere else. Example files: Through the looking glass and The Koran

Graphing Tool -Java JNLP- A simple graphing utility for undirected graphs

Stuff with sound

Visualizing Sound Experiment 1 -Java App Jar- load an image and convert the raw bits to your sound card

Visualizing Sound Experiment 3 -Java App Jar- A pseudo-visualizer program that utilizes Fast Fourier Transform for frequency analysis. press "g" to view the graphs. press "f" for faster graphics

Synesthesia -Java App Jar- draw shapes that make sounds

Other stuff

Computer Technology Club Resources -Pure Web- Anyone competiting in the 48 hour game programming competition may be interested in this page.

Skyrim Countdown -Pure Web- A skyrim countdown timer

zoomLoop -Pure Web/SVG- An attempt at cloning the "zoomQuilt" flash animation in svg, needs better graphics

Pokemon Catch Rate Probabibility generator-Pure Web- A tool for calculating the probability of catching a certain pokemon